The Open Movement for Change

The Open Movement is a just and equal space, based on truth and fairness. Clothes for change. We represent the voice of the people – bringing awareness to social injustices.

Inclusive Voice

We are a company of all cultures and of all people. Selling worldwide, we want The Open Movement to give you a voice to speak up on global issues you care about.

A Better World

Here at The Open Movement, all of our garments are eco-friendly, supported by solar energy and working hard every step of the production process to reduce co2 emissions, recycle useful material, and produce no waste.


EQUALS is a collection that brings people of all cultures together, as equals; placing humanity above anything else. Through EQUALS we want people to overcome the many barriers imposed on them through discrimination, using our differences to make a difference and speak out freely. All of the profits of this collection will be donated to the Human Rights Foundation, Black Lives Matter, and the NAACP.


We listened, and are now taking action. At The Open Movement, each collection stands for a social cause, presenting a wide selection of different designs for a several different topics. The world isn’t perfect, and only by uniting our voices, will we be able to bring change.

About TOM

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